Build Your Own

Our default is to make your pizza on a cornmeal crust with a mozzarella cheese base. Need vegan or gluten-free? Let us know. Gluten-free available in 12″ only. We also have daiya dairy-free cheese!


Artichoke hearts*Roasted peppers*Eggplant*
Rafy’s basil pesto*Shitake mushrooms*Garlic
Caramelized onion*Sundried tomatoes*Jalapeño Peppers
Rafy’s  jalapeño pesto*Sweet pepper pesto*Tomatoes
Kalamate olives*BasilMushrooms
 Portobello mushroom*Black OlivesPineapple
Red onionSpinachFresh garlic


Andouille sausage*Sopressata* 
Bacon bits*Tasso ham* 
 BBQ shrimp*Carnitas* 
Canadian baconItalian sausage 
Linguica*Marinated chicken* 


Fresh mozzarella*Riccotta* Parmesan
Blue cheese*Cheddar cheeseGoat cheese*
Daiya vegan chees*  

Published by Sarah Quinto

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